About Arthur Bukman:

Since his youth Arthur has a passion for movement and outdoor activities.
Now as an adult, he still enjoys movement activities in daily life.
Arthur also has interest in learning practical things in general.
Arthur about himself: I care a lot about health and lifegoals. Movement is a (big) part of that. I care about searching for a nuance between learning and having fun!


Arthur's education taught him to become a sports instructor at mbo4leisuresports. It is an education that mainly focus on practical learning, for they believe that people learn most effective in a practical way. The education contains lessons that directly connect with the profession, from day one. The student can instantly see the effect of what  he's working for. This is of course very important as a sports instructor. It is a group where people learn together, from and with each other. This is an effective way of education. Everybody will receive education that fits with the level that you start out with. The student can choose a way to learn himself about what he wants to learn (with advise of the teachers). They will make a planning together every year. Because of this responsibility it creates motivation for the student.


The student learns analyzing and indicate levels to coach participants. He learns to create goals, think of fitting activities, organize lessons and search for a right way to add to the learning process of a participant. Also the student learns to organize and coordinate events, planning, preparation, perform and evaluation. He learns leading skills like analyzing a process of a team and learns to stir this process in a teambuilding way. They teach about how you learn to communicate with colleges, programs, materials, activities, participants, timetable, etc.


The student will learn to be aware of the communication in various situations in (sports) company’s. He learns principles how people communicate and how this works with groups and individuals.


The education is about the principles of the sport teaching. This means that the education teaches the principles of sport. To give a couple of examples, they will look at things like: what is the function of the material we use, wat is needed to get the right effect out of the material. The need for that are specific movements, balance and orientation... They look to what is most effective with that specific material and give feedback. Which actions are most effective and fitting for the participant. Out of this view the teacher and participants search for a fitting add for the learning process of the sporter in that activity. So that means that they will look to what the participant needs and what the next step will be according that what this participant is doing. This concerns all activities they are doing. Except from movement, the education is all about personal development and self reflection to become a responsible teacher. So this also means they teach a lot on how learning actually works in the mind and patterns. So to teach effectively you have to understand how learning works. And other topics that are also part of the study are topics like: teambuilding, pleasure, responsibility and success experience. All elements that are mixed to get an effective lesson. Arthur searches with passion and enthusiasm for possibility’s on how he can fulfill the wish of the client. 


Arthur followed some extern education in the leisuresport branche:
- Austrian international Landes complete ski teacher (Landes 1, Landes 2 and Alpin course)
- German international watersports instructor; VDWS kitesurf instructor, VDWS windsurf instructor, VDWS SUP instructor