Fun & experience:

The fun of practicing watersports with wind, is that you are searching how to use the nature forces of the wind, functioning together with your material. With this meganism it is possible to move to certain places with a nice speed if you want. It is also possible to do this on waves , even in the Netherlands! This is an extra style of kitesurfing. But just surfing on a flat water lake is amazing already! Just to think about that it is possible, to stir a kite and a small board, and to feel how the wind functions, you can learn all kind of technics and movements! This is why it is a fantastic feeling to slide over the water. Also this is free because there is a lot possible. Even for advanced, it is possible to jump! Also this is a nice game. Playing is a theme that you find over and over inside learning tricks.. And so you make from a flat empty water lake, a big playground!

Learning & development:

You might think, kitesurfing is quite difficult. But we want to tell you that it is possible for every level of success experience that is guaranteed. Did you ever hear of bodydragging? That is laying in the water with kite and without a board. And you stir your kite in such a way that you are moving through the water by the speed of your kite. Only this activity, is really awesome. Most of the times this is possible in one lesson already! Depending on the level and circumstances.

All levels are welcome!
- beginners & advanced
- youth & adult
- small & big
- private lesson or group lesson

Movement & balance:

As mentioned above, we think it is really nice to play and work with water and wind sports. Of course the going back and forth is not learned in half an hour. We think it is important, that the experience is starting far before the surfing like you see on videos. My experience is that people already love to stand with a kite in their hands and just flow in the wind, even without a board. Because it’s such a powerful thing. If desired you can use a lot of power. The activity is possible with many different weather circumstances. Even if there is sun or not, we wear a wetsuit and get wet.. That’s why we will hardly experience cold weather. In both situations it is nice. We have coolness because of the water when the sun shines, and we can be really warm with moving during
movement with cloudy weather. One thing is important, wind. Kitesurfing is also a sport where your six pack is well trained, because of the balancing and movement in this muscles that happens a lot.