Fun & experience:

For me standup paddleboarding (in Dutch “suppen”) is a sport with lots of possibilities. It has grown and become more familiar in the last few years. Although it is seen by many watersports as an alternative if there is no wind, it is actually a big sport in itself. This is because there are so many possibilities:

- Tour & Relax: A tour, on the way and enjoying nature
- (board) Games & tricks: for example suppolo, balance games, balance tricks.
- Workout & technical: it is a sport that's optimal to get a good physical fitness,
weight training for multiple muscles, in addition to enjoying other aspects and health features such as fresh oxygen and sun.
- golf standup paddleboarding easier like golf surfing, more float surface and speed to correct the timing of the wave.

Learning & development:

It's actually a sport that's cool for less skilled balancers and good athletes, since there are good activities for each.
For the starter, it is low-threshold, it is possible to sit on the board and paddle, as with a canoe, since the volume of the board has enough buoyancy. Soon nearly all people can stand.
All levels are welcome!
- Beginners & Advanced
- In the field of technical and fitness training,
- But also in the field of balancing in the waves.

Movement & balance:

As I described above, it's a great workout! But not only, it's also very nice to just make a tour, to enjoy the surroundings and get rest.
It's great to get to know new places on the water. And of course, the open air and sun provide important aspects to health.