Fun & experience:

The fun of practicing watersports with wind, is that you are searching how to use the nature forces of the wind, functioning together with your material. With this meganism it is possible to move to certain places with a nice speed, if you want. With windsurfing you can (also) search for the right ‘inflow’ of your sail. This is always a main focus during surfing. It gives experience because this matters how fast somebody can surf, and how somebody can use his sail as effective as possible. With a little breeze playing is fun as well. Just to sail back and forth. This is perfect to learn the basics and get really sensible with wind.

Learning & development:

The beginning of surfing is not difficult and possible for nearly every age. This is because it is easy to make some meters on your board, depending on the circumstances. Just keep balance on the board, and hold the sail is the basic principle to move forward. Of course you can learn a lot obout technic, how this effectively works, and how to stir and so on.. But this will give a nice experience also even far before somebody is able to do some planning.

All levels are welcome!
- beginners & advanced
- youth & adult
- small & big
- private lesson or group lesson

Movement & balance

The best thing about windsurfing is that it is possible in nearly every weather circumstance. If there is a great storm, only the pro’s will go out. But even when there is no wind, is there possibilities for board games or windsurf alternatives. In that case it is possible to train well balance on the board, and find a combination with a SUP activity.