Fun & experience (purpose: good holidays, relax, adventure, workout, a good balance)

It's such a free feeling sliding the snow slopes, that I do not get enough of it. Now teaching 6 seasons in Austria and I would love to do it a while. Who knows how long…
From all my great sports passions, this is the biggest! For me it is a great feeling to put my skies on their sides and feeling a good pressure, let it go and turn the other bend (swing). The carving has been around for a while, but how wonderful this type of skiing has been.


Learning & development:


All levels are welcome!
- Beginners & Advanced
- young & old
- small & big
- Private lesson or group lesson

From attracting your skies and the first slide meters, until carving long and short radians. In Austria learning it is called "parallel dynamisch lange en kurze kurven".
We can learn you also various disciplines such as giant slums, off-piste skiing, buckle-piste skiing, freestyle basics, such as jumps, 180s and 360s.

Movement & Balance:

It is wonderful to be on the way in the mountains. With a group together, or alone sometimes. Enjoy the slopes and the nature. Or the mountain huts with sunny weather. It is a nice way of moving in the mountains. Within a few days, the blue slopes are garanteed for the average starter.



Since last year learning leisuresports also teaches snowboarding !